Xiaomi puts dummy circuit board on it’s claimed to be transparent phone

Xiaomi Mi8 Explorer Edition made some people expressed their doubts on the phone which is said to be a transparent smartphone, doubts came from the circuit board one could see through, the rear visibly showcased the actual internals of the phone, a source said: “not least because of the board’s atypical layout.”

The company insisted it was real but we believe it’s just to showcase or it’s even like unique designs you get on some phone pouch sometimes.
Some recent pictures indicate that the board is not connected to the circuitry of the phone. Photo shows that the dummy board leaves space for some parts like the processor, another source also said there’s no sign of the ball grid array and the chip would need to connect to it in other to function.

Although, the real components seem to be beneath the dummy component board. So, we believe Xiaomi has made that attempt to make its phone stand out and look unique by making the phone transparent using the board on display.