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Ways to prevent trackers from accessing your devices’ location

Google usually stores up your precise location without your knowledge

even if “location history” panel on your device is turned off, but not to worry, Geek360.pro have put-up this article to help you our viewers and listeners keep your devices’ location private at least from both online and offline internet trackers that may pry on your private business or affairs.

Although there’s presently no remedy to the problem of hiding your location because by you just connecting to the internet via any device opens up your IP address (internet protocol address) which can be mapped or located geographically. Your smartphones may also connect to “cell towers” (e.g. radio masts) so your network carriers may have access to your location anytime and anywhere.

Below are procedures explained step-by-step to prevent unwarranted tracking of your phone either an IOS model of phone or an Android model of phone and any other device.

  1. Other device Users: For any device that isn’t android or iOS model of phone, kindly follow the steps closely:
  • Launch your browser (opera, Phoenix, chrome, Firefox) and visit the site “myactivity.google.com” (without spaces in between) know that you will be required to have an account with Google.
  • Access the drop-down menu located on the upper left side of the webpage displayed and go directly to “Activity controls”.
  • Turn-off both “web and activity” and “location history” this action prevents Google from storing the precise location of the device. After these steps are followed, a warning from Google will appear warning you of some of its services like Google assistant, Google home smart speaker etc. being stopped from working, which are particularly useful.
  1. iOS Users:  Google maps adjust your location settings to “while using”. This particular action prevents the app (Google maps) from accessing your location when it’s not running. To access the setting go to settings to privacy to location services and from there select Google maps to make the settings.

While browsing with the Safari web browser, change the search engine from Google to any other from the options list available like Bing or DuckDuckGo. You can then turn location off while browsing with safari by going to settings to privacy to location services and select safari website and change it to “never”. Know that this act will still not prevent advertisers from accessing your location due to the presence of your IP address on the website.

You can also turn off location services to the device completely from settings to privacy to location services, but mind you, both Google maps and apple maps will still run, but will not provide you with directions or know where you are on the map but emergency responders will still be able to find you if the need arises.

  1. Android Users: You can toggle the device location by visiting or accessing the main settings icon on the device and click on security to location and scroll down to the “privacy” heading and tap location to toggle it off for the entire device.

You can also use “app-level permissions” to turn access to various apps off, unlike for iOS users or devices (iPhone) there’s no setting for “while using” for Android devices, you won’t be allowed to turn off Google play services which makes use of your location to other apps if you allow the services to be on.

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