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Uplift Nigeria join AfriLabs network

Uplift Nigeria joining AfriLabs network will help in so many ways of boosting innovative ideas, while at the same time help in creating employment for tech-savvy individuals in the community.

Uplift Nigeria which is a Non-profit organisation is located therein, as this is going on, various innovative ideas about technology that will be focused on the social, economic and environmental sectors of the continent and the problems associated with these factors and also creating valuable long-lasting solutions that will help in curbing these problems.

AfriLabs is a technological giant that is connecting Hubs and their communities in Africa, founded in the year 2011 to build a community around rapidly emerging tech Hubs/innovation spaces that serve as meeting points and communities for developers, entrepreneurs and investors. They aim to raise high potential entrepreneurs that will stimulate economic growth, digital minds, ecosystem and social development in Africa.

AfriLabs network understands African tech Hubs so, the network open doors for needs of resources to support start-ups, mentoring, financing and networking opportunities. AfriLabs has the original vision for the continent of Africa where there is an open collaboration with African made solutions to global problems, and also jobs for all individuals driven by technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.


    This is mainly to connect African tech hubs to learn from one another to boost their management, operation and serve their communities better, by creating platforms for members in the network to communicate, collaborate and share knowledge.
    Aim to build the capacity of management teams, to help hubs identify sustainable revenue streams and their business models. AfriLabs Hubs learning week for Hub Managers was launched in August 2017 to achieve the primary goal of capacity building for African Tech hubs which was sponsored by Making All Voices Count (MAVC). AfriLabs also went on to partner with Microsoft 4Afrika to organise free training for startups on the Microsoft Azure and Bizpark platforms in Lagos, Nigeria.
    AfriLabs has hosted several events to foster African tech innovation and entrepreneurship. Partnered with Amazon Web services to the community’s annual gathering has been running for 2years now with supportive partners like Facebook, MAVC, Microsoft 4Afrika, Hivos etc. AfriLabs has also conducted or organised ecosystem events like the 1% Club ‘Supersize the Valley’ Conference and the Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions (SPIDER) ICT4SI West Africa Workshop in 2017.

Uplift Nigeria’s Hub is well known for various tech programs whereby event organisation is one of them. The hub is mainly aimed at impacting technological knowledge to its members who will, in turn, lead to creating start-ups and invention of technology that can and will be useful to the community at large. Some of these events/meet-ups conducted by this fast-growing hub amongst others include The Google developer group, Python Bauchi, Geek360pro (TechSmart meetup), Digital Ocean Bauchi and also The Facebook Developer Circle Bauchi, which is intended to create a team of Developers and entrepreneurs all around Bauchi.

The Hub also conducts hackathons aimed at developing advanced technology & entrepreneurship skills training, also boost of the first Hacktoberfest meet up in Bauchi annually held in October, where various participants were taught how to setup GitHub accounts and also how to run the program on their systems which were Windows OS. Some of these meet-ups are conducted in partnership with other hubs located in the northern region of Nigeria.

During a meetup at the UpliftHub

The partnering of Uplift Nigeria with the AfriLabs Network team, will not only lead to technological advances in the regions or entire continent of Africa but will also lead to a more steady foundation in technology and entrepreneurship for the upcoming generation of Africans to build on their excellent ideas hereby making Africa a one-stop technology hub as a whole amongst all other continents of the world.

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