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The Unique Print Innovation Company “Printivo”

Printivo is a unique Print innovation Company whose goal overtime is to make Printing suck less for Africans, by helping Individuals, small & medium scale businesses print marketing and business materials ( such as Business Cards, Flyers, T-shirts, and Banners) with ease.

This company has done a lot of works you may have been seeing online and in physical places but might not have noticed brain behind them.

My curiousness was finally rewarded when I had the rare opportunity of seeing the amazing workstation where the real job is being done, engrossed with their keyboards were hardworking millenials whose demeanor depicted that of humans bent on truly changing the future of Print in Africa.

“So this is the powerhouse of the powerful, yet, silent company who’s more prominent online than off it.” I mustered within me.

It’s one thing to admire a company enough to allow her handle your business’ branding, then another to believe strongly about her delivery of outstanding quality service.


  1. Individuals and business who need print simply have to log on to printivo.com, select a choice product category and decide to either pick from thousands of free available templates (which are usually created by hundreds of designers spread across Nigeria), upload your own design, or request that Printivo specially designs for you.
  2. Once you are done with design selection/upload, proceed to making payment and check out.
  3. Printivo will process your print and ship to your doorstep anywhere you live within Nigeria.


    Owning a store in the Printivo marketplace is a situation where you get to pick as many as you can from any of Printivo’s products such as mugs, t-shirts and Trucker caps. Put your own design on them by either adding creative texts or images.
    These designs (once approved) get immediately uploaded on our website, such that once any of Printivo’s customers make use of them in placing orders, you get 15% in royalty.
    Imagine a 15% royalty when someone orders 50 T-shirts using your design. One T-shirt sells at the rate of N3,500 click here to open a store for free
    This simply implies a program on Printivo where people like can actually collect print jobs from anybody, bring them to Printivo who will in turn fulfill the printing and delivery while such person gets between 5%-20% commission depending on the package subscribed to.

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