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The New Born Ferrari SP38 Unveiled

The Ferrari SP38 is a modified Ferrari 488 GTB, and it has a cool louvred cover which is for the twin-turbo V8 engine and a much more dialled-back, dagger-like front fascia.

It’s a dream to some people, but it’s not to others, having one of it in your garage is something you want, and hard work will get you one.

This new Ferrari is sophisticated, and you can’t get your mind off it when you come across one of it on the road because the SP38 is been built for some satisfied customers, it has this fantastic looks of the F40 series which makes it have a unique look in this era.

It is cool when you can tell Ferrari to build a unique car for you, Eric Clapton who has always been loving Ferrari since a long time ago collaborate with the Italian super gifted car creator to work on particular project “SP” version of the now retired 458 Italia.

The inspiration of this Ferrari SP38 came from the F40 series in 1987.


Ferrari didn’t say it cost, but we know this is more than $300,000 to build this ride for their diehard customers.

According to Ferrari;  It has a unique creation based on the chassis and drivetrain of the Ferrari  488 GTB, also a striking wedge shape in profile with mass concentrated over the rear wheels.

The front firmly tapered and expanding towards the muscular wheel arches with ultra slim headlight are all new crafted shape. The designers have relocated the DRL (daytime running lights) to the bumper lip, that is a reference to the classic  Ferrari 308 GTB.

SP38 is the newest bespoke creation from the Ferrari one-off programme, has been unveiled at a handover ceremony at Fiorano before immediately conducting a series of amazing laps on the famous test track.



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