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UpliftHub Is The Never Boring Community In Bauchi

Uplift Hub is located inside federal polytechnic Bauchi, a place for inspiring tech inclined minds and absolute entrepreneurship core believer. This place is where you should be if you want to learn advance means to be successful through technology and entrepreneurship. Also, they provide their members an office space at …

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6 Ways To Plan and Ensure A great Day

Productivity experts believe that the emotional state with which you wake up and determine to a large extent how your day goes. What does this really mean? It means simply that waking up with a bad emotional state equals a bad day. And waking up with a great emotional state …

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You may have been wondering how Netflix has its own movies that have nothing to-do with Hollywood and its fast rising have higher demand more than Hollywood on the internet. “Icarus” which is a documentary that took home first Academy Award for Netflix and it caused Netflix’s stock surged nearly 5% …

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Tile:key and device finder via Bluetooth

tile key finder

Product overview • Keep track of your items with this simple Bluetooth tracker • Ring lost items and if it is within 30 metres, it will play a loud tune until you find it • If you can’t remember where you last had your lost item – the downloadable app …

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Google Pixelbook the latest products in the Pixel line

Google’s Pixel series is no longer just Chromebook an expensive one at that, a forgotten tablet, or yet another boring smartphone. The Pixel namesake is Google’s line of premium devices, spanning multiple form factors.The Pixelbook is one of the latest products in the Pixel line. The Pixelbook runs Chrome OS …

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