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GDG cloud Bauchi will organise a study jam for members

GDG cloud meetup

After several meetups of GDG cloud and successful GDG Bauchi devfest in 2018, The cloud meetup resumed on January 19, with an amazing plan to impact more on the members of the GDG Cloud community in Bauchi, North-Eastern Nigeria. GDG cloud Bauchi meetup was led by the co-lead organizer Motunrayo Alake …

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Microsoft finally re-release Windows 10 October 2018

microsoft 4k camera

It was reported by John Cable (Director of program management, windows servicing and delivery) that; Windows 10 version 1809 for all users, was reported that some users file were missing after updating to the Windows 10 October 2018. Windows 10 serious nature of data loss, they took the added precaution …

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How TechPoint Inspired 5,000 Technologists In Nigerian

TechPoint Inspired 2018 was a fantastic conference that happened in Lagos Island on the 29th May, 2018. The conference was lit and very educative to young Nigerians that are still in school and hustling around Tech/Entrepreneurship. It happened to be one of the biggest tech conferences in Nigeria and West-Africa …

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Microsoft Is Paying $7.5 Billion To Buy GitHub

It is a done deal that Microsoft has finally acquire GitHub, for $7.5 Billion after many rumours and waiting to hear the final result of the two companies controversy, Microsoft has now obtained GitHub. Developers all around the world have projects on GitHub either stored, shared or even processing ones …

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Microsoft Is Buying GitHub

Rumour was going round weeks ago that Microsoft is pushing to buy GitHub and its now for real that its happening one way or the other, the company which worth $2billion three years ago (2015) could worth $5billion today. We believe Microsoft has seen the future of this developer’s tools …

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