Spotify Music gives you 2018 Wrapped

Spotify music streaming service wrapped your best 2018 songs for you.

Spotify users, you can only speak for yourself, everybody has their taste when it comes to music. Some people love to jam out to the latest pop songs in the car, while others prefer the rap albums that are taking over the charts. There are the big-time artists who are performing at the upcoming award shows, grooving for summer every year and the smaller bands that make an appearance on your playlists all the time.

Lucky for you, streaming platforms like Spotify have made it easy to curate what you listen to from day one of the year to some defined period of the year and pick out your favorites to make a special playlist for you.

If you’ve been on social media lately, then you know there’s been a lot of buzz around Spotify’s end-of-the-year feature been shown by your favorite artists on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Spotify Wrapped. Essentially, this is a list of your most-listened top songs throughout the past year, put together by the streaming service (Spotify). Listeners can get nostalgic with a sweet reminder of the songs they were obsessed with last winter. It’s honestly a very cool concept, and worth generating for yourself.

Within your playlist, there’s one song that says a ton about you, and it seems to be for your zodiac sign. It’s the track that you always have on repeat on your smartphone, your girlfriend knows your best song when you’re together hopping for the next level and your friends know you’ll request for the song when you’re in a car.

Spotify has so much shown us how much they care about everyone on the streaming service. “They could make it available for premium users only, but you won’t know unless you try it on your phone or web browser ”.

Getting your personalized playlist on Spotify isn’t the end of your Spotify Wrapped experience, there’s more. After you’re given your top 100 songs, you can keep scrolling through the virtual experience to find even more personalized listening statistics. Some of those are your favorite musical subgenre and the oldest song you listened to in 2018.

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What’s cool about this year’s Spotify Wrapped experience is that it will introduce you to different music from various genres, when you’re done taking your walk down memory lane. To do so, it’ll provide you with a Tastebreakers playlist that consists of artists that you don’t typically listen to. The playlist was created based off of your listening taste profile, per Spotify.

Again, the songs you listen to on your Top 100 playlist are all of the songs that you listened to the most in 2018. That means you can thank yourself for all of the great tunes that are included in your soundtrack — so pat yourself on the back and start listening.