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Spotify Remains The Best Music Streaming Service

Spotify is currently the best music streaming service that you wouldn’t want to miss, the unique reason why Spotify will keep leading the streaming services is that it remains at its core roots by offering a reliable, stable and wow experience to its users with a lot of choices.

Also, Spotify is continuously adding new unique features that are genuine and supportive to the app with the power to stay in the service.

It is owned by a swedish entertainment company Spotify Technology S.A. founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon.

I prefer to play music on Spotify than downloading the song to my phone, even because I’m a fan of good music so how many songs do I have to download every day when I already have Spotify to stream and also replay cached ones on my phone.

Also, you can still download songs to your device if you want but only for premium users.

Play old-school songs and podcast from millions of tracks on Spotify with the search button or voice search.

Make your loved ones happy by playing their old-school favourite songs on Spotify. You can easily spot newly released songs, albums, Podcasts and Radio using this same Spotify, and one other thing is the fact that it is super smart because it understands your kind of music after sometimes, then it will create a playlist especially for you and social media sharing tools available to share with loved ones.

My favourite playlist for a long journey is on Spotify, and I just feel so good with that because I listen to over 100 favourite songs that make me not to feel I’m on a long journey.

Spotify web player is also available if you want to be playing from the web all you need to do to log in your account, and it will continue playing from where you stopped or paused the song you’re listening to on your phone without missing a single word.


We all know good services will undoubtedly be paid for to enjoy a better experience, and we appreciate that Spotify still gives us the pure and undiluted streaming solution that those who can’t afford the monthly subscription can also have a feel of the service.

The free version is not that free because its ads supported. Some companies are essentially paying Spotify to give people the feel of listening without the subscription, but Spotify will appreciate users to sign up for the subscription to make it standard and not too cheap of course.

So, you’ll come across these ads when you’re using the desktop app or web, it allows you to play any track, playlist or album at any time but, you won’t be able to skip those ads on every song.

A Spotify subscription is something you definitely won’t regret if you can afford the commitment.

A lot of people do signup for the Premium subscription which costs $9.99 per month, and it gets you access to more than 30 million tracks on your Spotify account.

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