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samsung foldable smartphone

Samsung CEO Insinuates the Introduction of a Foldable Smartphone

Race to introduce what is to be the world’s first folding smartphone is fast coming to an end with Samsung who seems to be at the forefront is going to win.

Samsung head of the mobile division, Koh, says in an assurance that his company will launch a foldable smartphone before the year runs out.
There are a few more companies interested in the race as well like Xiaomi, Huawei and Oppo working on releasing their samples of the foldable smartphone, but Apple seems not to be hasty in its own fordable smartphone (iPhone).

Reports coming from Koh, president and CEO of Samsung’s IT and mobile communication division told CNBC in his own words “it’s time to deliver” after years of mere talking about a phone that can be folded. The CEO didn’t give out many details regarding the device, but one of his comments suggests that it won’t be necessary always to unfold the device, “you can use most of the uses on foldable status, but when you need to browse or see something then you may need to unfold it” said Koh. With reports gotten, it seems to be that the device will be a dual display device with a smaller internal screen, and then a larger external one that is set on display just by opening a clamshell, the internal display of the device is said to be approximately 7 inches although the report is yet to be confirmed.

Samsung CEO, Koh, did not give a specific time for the smartphone’s introduction however, he suggested that in-depth details of the folding device will be revealed this year, the info that was leaked out of the Korean company showed that the device would not be reaching consumer’s hands until the first half of 2019.

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