Uplift Nigeria join AfriLabs network

Uplift Nigeria joining AfriLabs network will help in so many ways of boosting innovative ideas, while at the same time help in creating employment for tech-savvy individuals in the community. Uplift Nigeria which is a Non-profit organisation is located therein, as this is going on, various innovative ideas about technology that …

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Facebook is making serious steps to monetize WhatsApp

Facebook is making movements to monetize WhatsApp after social network made the report on sluggish earnings growth last Wednesday. Three new ways have been rolled out for customers to connect quickly with businesses; a shortcut button to start a conversation with the customer on time, the ability to have businesses …

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Humans On The Unique Planet

The solar system comprises of the sun, nine significant planets, other unknown planets and other forms of planetary bodies like the satellites, ice material, rock materials etc. the primary concern for this article is to examine the earth as a planet, what gives it unique ability to sustain life because …

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Hackers Targeted Singapore’s Largest Health Institution

Worst cyber-attack hit Singapore as hackers are targeting the largest health care institution “SingHealth” in Singapore, the report says they stole personal profiles of 1.5 million patients’ data with the details of prescription for 160,000 others. Added to the later group was Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong who Singapore’s Ministry …

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Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 2 Would Return To Netflix

Marvel Studio announced yesterday that Iron Fist would return to Netflix for its second season on September 7th, the news also came with a trailer showing Danny Rand (Finn Jones) fighting on the street of New York. The trailer shows that Danny within the city will face some sort of …

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Spotify Remains The Best Music Streaming Service

Spotify is currently the best music streaming service that you wouldn’t want to miss, the unique reason why Spotify will keep leading the streaming services is that it remains at its core roots by offering a reliable, stable and wow experience to its users with a lot of choices. Also, …

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Update On Vivo Nex With Pop-up Selfie Camera

China is going fast and becoming unstoppable in producing some fantastic smartphones currently in the world, but it’s a sorry that they don’t often go on sales outside the country’s region. Let’s take a look at the Vivo Nex, which was launched last month with a spectacular ultra-slim bezel, an …

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AndroidOne On new Infinix Note 5 Smartphone

The new Infinix Note5 is a breakthrough for the fact it has numerous benefits to the brand for partnering with AndroidOne that makes it all in one. Note5 was launched in Dubai 2days ago as a success of the Note series like the previous Infinix Note 4. Note series is …

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Why Facebook Is A Good Circle To Be Part Of

Social media has shaped lives of so many to different ways of how people choose to live their own life, Facebook has 1billion users because almost everyone has an account to stay in touch with their family, plan an event, find a job, update organisation’s members, market a product, sale …

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