Hackers Now Target Vulnerable Smartphones To Mine Crypto-Currencies


A new system of cyber-attack manipulated by hackers which security experts refer to as “crypto jacking”. Hacker’s Crypto jacking refers to the manipulation of either an internal server, a personal computer or a smartphone to install and run malware used in mining cryptocurrencies as defined by an expert at an …

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Get gadget of your dream and pay later on the Jumia flex

There’s a new marketing strategy that is taking over the air waves of online shopping. It is a strategy employed by the well renowned online shopping mall “Jumia”. Jumia is an online mall that started six (6) years ago precisely 2012 by Jeremy Hodara and Sacha Poignonnel in February, operations …

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Driverless cars to start delivering groceries in Arizona


Autonomous vehicle startup Nuro launched their driverless delivery service on Thursday in Scottsdale, Arizona. A grocery giant Kroger and autonomous vehicle startup Nuro launched their driverless delivery service on Thursday in Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s actually the first market for the two companies that worked together to bring this up. They …

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Uplift Nigeria join AfriLabs network

Uplift Nigeria joining AfriLabs network will help in so many ways of boosting innovative ideas, while at the same time help in creating employment for tech-savvy individuals in the community. Uplift Nigeria which is a Non-profit organisation is located therein, as this is going on, various innovative ideas about technology that …

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Facebook is making serious steps to monetize WhatsApp

Facebook is making movements to monetize WhatsApp after social network made the report on sluggish earnings growth last Wednesday. Three new ways have been rolled out for customers to connect quickly with businesses; a shortcut button to start a conversation with the customer on time, the ability to have businesses …

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