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Lenovo introduces five (5) new android tablets amidst low patronage of tablets

Android running tablets have never really been entirely proven to be useful, and when the Chrome OS tablets where introduced most people had thought for a second that these samples of Android device were going to extinct in a short while.

Although that seemed like the future for the Android tablets, which didn’t stop the other competitor “Samsung” from launching its Galaxy Tab S4 and now Lenovo has announced the introduction of its fleet of large-screen Android devices.

Not lesser than five (5) new tablets were listed by Lenovo few days ago with two unique ranges of devices, the list of large-screen devices released on 23rd August 2018, include; the pocket-friendly and family-end E series of brand consisting of seven, eight and ten-inch models respectively and two more high-spaced models as well.

The cheapest of all the newest models released is the seven inched E7 Tab, it is actually, the first android Go edition known as Oreo tablet ever invented which adds more knowledge to the reason why the Tab is tagged at $70. According to Lenovo, the E7 tab will accept higher apps with more storage and the last point they made about its increased performance “seemed to be optimistic”.

Lenovo Tab E7 specs

Lenovo E7
Lenovo Tab E7

The E7 Tab runs on a display resolution of 1040 × 600, a rear camera of 2mega pixels and front-facing camera of 0.2mega pixels, it also comes with a MediaTek MT8167 processor running together with a 1GB RAM and a storage of 16GB which can be expandable due to the presence of a media card slot for inserting memory card. The Tab E7 comes with a battery life of 5 hours all thanks to the 2750mAh, and thankfully the specs mentioned above rightly amount to the $70 slated for it starting in October available in Walmart, the only downside is that it comes in just black colour.

Lenovo Tab E8

lenovo E8
Lenovo Tab E8

The next device to be launched is the Tab E8 which runs on a 1GB RAM maintaining a 16GB storage and a micro SD card slot for expanding the storage, but there is a slight change in the processor to mediate MT8163B, the device’s resolution is a little bit lighter than the E7 Tab with 1,280 × 800 and the battery stores up 4,850mAh and can run for as long 10 hours, the Tab E8 has both 5MP and 2MP rear-facing and front-facing cameras respectively. The E8 Tab is slightly expensive unlike the Tab E7; it comes in at $100, you don’t need to wait for the E8 because it is readily available at Walmart, and the E8 Tab comes in only black colour.

Lenovo Tab E10

On the last member of the E series stands the E10, which has a large screen of 10.1 inch display and a screen resolution of 1280 × 800, just like the E8 model, the E10 has both 5MP and 2MP rear-facing and front-facing cameras, but unlike the E7 and E8, the E10 runs on a 2GB RAM but still maintains the 16GB internal storage which is expandable all thanks to the presence of a media card slot for micro SD card. The E10 processor is probably the highest upgrade from the others having a Qualcomm Snapdragon 210chip, which is undoubtedly still an entry-level but even slightly higher than the E7 and E8 versions respectively. The E10 Tab will be sold out for only $130 and will be made available at Walmart and a few selected retailers beginning in October, this tablet comes in just black colour.


Lenovo Tab M10

Lenovo M10
Lenovo Tab M10

Moving a step further, the Lenovo company launched the Tab M10 which steps things up a bit from the E series brands of Tab, the Lenovo M10 Tab runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 processor with a display of 10.1 inch on a screen resolution of 1,920 × 1,200 which makes this Tab more suitable for watching your favorite movies or TV shows with its 3GB RAM and an expandable 32GB of storage.

The Lenovo M10 further comes with the same camera pixels of the E10 Tab series “5MP for the rear-facing camera and 2MP for the front-facing camera” and just like the E8 battery, there sits perfectly a 4,850mAh battery which can last for approximately 10 hours.

Availability of this Tab and the price is not yet known as at the time of release but be rest assured that they will be available for pre-order this winter, unlike the E series, the Tab M10 comes in black and white colours respectively.

Lenovo Tab P10

Lenovo P10
Lenovo Tab P10

Among the series of Tabs released yesterday by Lenovo, the Tab P10 is the most high powered of them all even though it’s still not a “showcase” device. The Tab P10 maintains both the resolution of 1,920 × 1,200 and display of 10.1 inches just like the M10; the P10 features a processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 running on a 4GB RAM and an expandable 64GB internal storage thanks to a micro SD card slot made available. The cameras of this Tab have slightly upgraded from the rest with the rear-facing camera having 8megapixels, and the front-facing camera works perfectly with a 5 megapixel together with a 7,000mAh which can last for about 13 hours.

Just like the Lenovo Tab M10, the P10 Tab will also be readily available for pre-order in designated retail shops starting from this winter; the P10 also comes in black and white colours.

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