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Apple offers free repairs for defective iPhone 8s

Hey there! Do you own the latest iPhone 8s and while enjoying your device, it freezes up, restarts itself or refuses to power on? If any or all of those usually happen to you, then you might be eligible for the new repair program organised by Apple.

The company recently made announcements about a small percentage of iPhone 8 devices that suffer from malfunctioning logic boards (motherboards) and has hence offered to repair affected devices for customers at free rates.

Owners of the iPhone 8 plus or X who also suffer from similar situations are not included in the free repair program because the program is available to only basic versions of the iPhone 8 apart from that, the repair program is limited to customers in the united states, Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Macau, Japan and New Zealand respectively.

The program will also extend to devices that were sold three (3) years after the actual release date of November 2017, if you might have any questions regarding your qualifications for the program then you can simply enter the serial number of your device(s) on the Apple’s website, and it will automatically let you know if you are qualified for the program or not.

Customers who do qualify for the repair program have these options, or ways opened up for them to process the repair program:

  1. You can contact Apple’s support team and arrange to have the device sent to them via mail to the company’s support centre, afterwards, the device will be fixed and then sent back to you via mail.
  2. Customers might also choose to reach the company’s support team by arranging an appointment at an Apple retail store close to them.
  3. Or, you might decide to go through an authorised third-party retailer recognised by Apple.

However, you might decide to go through with delivering the device, be rest assured that the device will be sent to the apple repair centre.

As said earlier, the repairs to the motherboard will be free of charge, however, Apple warns that other hardware issues such as cracked screen, will incur costs from the customers who decide to repair it at the apple repair centre, in such situations, it is advisable to get such hardware issues fixed before sending your device(s) to the repair centre to avoid any unexpected charges.

Apple also warns of backing up personal data before sending your phone off for repairs through iTunes or iCloud. Otherwise, there’s a high probability of the phone’s data been wiped out entirely during the repair process and can’t be reversed or retrieved.

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