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Facebook is making serious steps to monetize WhatsApp

Facebook is making movements to monetize WhatsApp after social network made the report on sluggish earnings growth last Wednesday.

Three new ways have been rolled out for customers to connect quickly with businesses; a shortcut button to start a conversation with the customer on time, the ability to have businesses send in information like a boarding pass on WhatsApp and also real-time support.

At the same time, Facebook will display ads of businesses that link out to WhatsApp, which means that businesses can now purchase ads that lead people directly to an already loaded chat with the business on WhatsApp. Now, businesses can respond to customers for free only if they answer within 24hours, but Facebook will charge them for any response after 24 hours. “it looks like another hole for Facebook to cash in more on its various apps”

we understand that message function on WhatsApp happen to be identical with the one on Facebook Messenger, you can quickly go to a business page and send a message to the business holders, but it’s not super cool yet to people. However, Facebook is also adding some chat extensions to compensate users. WhatsApp blog post indicates it’s up to the business if it wants to offer real-time support, a source said; there could be the additional wrinkle that you might not hear back for a while.

WhatsApp decided and opened the business platform for users last year September. Since it began, the company has kept the number of businesses using the tool undisclosed. Whatsapp tested the new messaging tools with about 90 businesses including Singapore Airlines, Wish, and Uber.
with how the announcement sounds, it looks like Facebook is making money making tools to entice businesses to stay on the platform and make every Facebook user to also benefit from the platform as it begins to monetize Whatsapp as additional means to boost stagnating profits.

Now, if you’re a business holder and you are on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, then its time for you to start making money from those social media tools that you only publish photos to.

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