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Escort Max 360 Radar Detector

The ESCORT MAX 360 seems like a luxury gadget to me, imagine having a Ferrari or Lamborghini which you will definitely like to speed once in a while because you got the speeding ticket. Yes; if you have this Escort max 360 while driving your baby car it provides 360 degrees of detection, is super simple to setup and for those looking to step out of the dark ages? There is smartphone app that works with Androids and iPhones, and if that isn’t enough there are arrows on the face of the Max 36o which are indicating where the threat (i.e police) are, it has dual antennas for maximum protection best in range DSP with a GPS auto learn function that automatically rejects false over the time.

Here are few other things you need to know:

Max 360

  • ·         If you think you don’t speed with your car, odds are you speed and you definitely don’t know you do which makes you a potential victim of speed trap.
  • ·         Confident of product is everything of the product. this made Escort so willing to pay for your speeding ticket if you acquire one while using the Max 360.
  • ·         Normally the average speeding ticket cost $150. Buying an Escort pays for that and protect you from future tickets.
  •  The Radar detectors are 100% legal.

Get ESCORT MAX 360 from the following stores:



Max 360

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