Why Facebook Is A Good Circle To Be Part Of

Social media has shaped lives of so many to different ways of how people choose to live their own life, Facebook has 1billion users because almost everyone has an account to stay in touch with their family, plan an event, find a job, update organisation’s members, market a product, sale and buy product all through Facebook app.

It brings connectivity to the society and keeps people busy with the ability to explore what other people are posting on the media platform, says to be their status and what they have interest in or what they have been up to.

This feature has enabled people to get serious and make some very unserious about life due to the kind of content they get from people they follow on Facebook and other social media.

Knowing how to use social media should even be a course people should study. You can’t be well educated and civilised without knowing how to be present on social media or the internet entirely.
Facebook is positive to change people’s life, encourage people to be better as human, educate people through contents other people or pages publish, update users on new technology, entertainment, education, social activities and even explore how things have been done in other part of the world.

Having a social life is not bad but keeping it clean is what keeps everyone safe. Imagine if you smoke weed or have sex in secret that you wouldn’t want anyone close to you or in your circus to know, how would you feel if you get exposed to other people that are not in your circle to know? “that is how you should see social media.”

Have your fun maximum but remember anything you post about how you have the fun will be available to 1billion users on Facebook unless you secure your account to make things you post only available to your friends.


First of all, you need to define yourself, know the kind of contents you would like to be seeing on your Facebook. Your interest matters a lot on Facebook because what you view, like and comment on would be assumed by Facebook AI that you have interest for it and then it will be showing you similar kind of contents over and over again.


No, it’s not bad, Facebook will never show you the content of a category if you’ve never like, comment, view or share a similar one. It becomes wrong when you’re not religious enough by viewing contents you shouldn’t like, comment or view according to your religion rules.
Specify your interest to Facebook, and that’s the kind of contents you’ll be seeing on your homepage. There are a lot of pages and individuals that are related to your religion, education, lifestyle, and activities of your interest on Facebook. So with this Facebook is not adverse to anything except if you choose to off your limit.


It doesn’t matter what you do, hundreds of pages are available with contents that will improve what you do, and you’ll learn different things and make you more civilised, all it takes is to search.
1. Use Facebook ads tool to sell your product or even promote your website for business or organisation.
2. Use Facebook workplace app to collaborate with your team to work on a project.
3. Schedule your Facebook posts ahead of time with social media tool that will enable you to post the same content on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and others.
4. Follow educative pages that will help in advancing your work, education or skill.