NACOSS Leadership summit

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Nigeria Association of Computer Science Student’s (NACOSS) first ever leadership summit by the recently elected president was a lot educative and inspiring.

Leadership summit is one of the crucial things a leader should organize for his followers. Abubakar Sadiq Hassan the recently elected NACOSS president has probably realized the association is lacking leadership training and it’s the major challenge most associations battle with no matter who comes to run it for some time without the skill or knowledge of being a leader.

More leadership training would enlighten the members of NACOSS supplementary, even though they are Nigeria Association of Computer Science Students who are expected to make use and take advantage of tech to change, innovate, and solve global problems no matter how little.

“We want to believe NACOSS would be great again and stop being conference organizing association without knowledge impacts on it’s members.”

The president who has been traveling to make changes that will assure members of the association that they could have immense benefits for being NACOSSITES now and after school, he truly deserves an accolade for a great job as we hope his efforts won’t be in vain.

Leadership summit was targeted to all EXCOS of the NACOSS NATIONAL, ZONAL EXCOS and all members of the association as it will help to guide them on how NACOSS should be, what they should be doing, what they should achieve and how to lead every member to high potentials.

NACOSS leadership summit held on Saturday 2nd, 2019 at Zaranda hotel Bauchi, Bauchi state where the secretariat is seated currently. It hosted about 70+ participants who have benefited and know more of what NACOSS should be giving in return to all members.

Some of the speakers at the Leadership Summit were; Mustapha Ango of Uplift Nigeria, Ibrahim M. Doji S.A on ICT to the Governor of Bauchi State, Auwal M.S lead program assistant at Andela, Enoch Nalado from Kaduna. There was a session not mentioned in the program, (Being productive with smartphone) by Sheriff Adeoti who also spoke on how students can be productive with their smartphones for learning, how to get professional assignments done using the right tool and even make money from using smartphones through maximum creative ways.

NACOSS leadership summit
Geek360pro media streaming live with smartphone.

We had feedback from a whole heap of attendees who have been saying there has never been a NACOSS event they learned from except for the concluded Leadership Summit which breaks down the expected obligations of members and EXCOS of the association.

“If all leaders could understand more of what it takes to be a leader, we probably could have benefits to impact positively on people for being a member of any association.”

You may have attended an event where you feel inspired but didn’t learn anything new and didn’t even understand why you went to the event “anyway,” the fact of being a leader needs to be a strong and visible effort than the political aim of leading people without goals of leadership.

Also, the point of being a follower needs to be a great dedication to also contribute in making the leader’s work great by securing what has already been done to impact more on the coming members and leaders.

We happen to be the more visual eye at the event and also on social media for rendering the service of media at the NACOSS Leadership Summit.

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