UpliftHub Is The Never Boring Community In Bauchi

Uplift Hub is located inside federal polytechnic Bauchi, a place for inspiring tech inclined minds and absolute entrepreneurship core believer. This place is where you should be if you want to learn advance means to be successful through technology and entrepreneurship.

Also, they provide their members an office space at the hub which is called “workspace” do you want to know what you need to build a very secure career from scratch? If “serious and always ready to learn” person, you will achieve your goal in this community.
They always organise TGIF every Friday for the whole community including non-paying members of their community as they say “all work with no play is a no living”
Uplift Hub is the first Hub in Nigeria to be organising TGIF every Friday starting 4:00 pm. They all work Monday to 3:59 pm on Friday and 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm is for Games and Movie while Saturday is community meet-ups organised at the hub such as:

  • Digital Ocean
  • Facebook Dev Circle
  • Python Meetup Bauchi
  • Django Girls Bauchi
  • Uplift Community
  • GDG Bauchi
  • Women Tech Makers

 Last week Saturday they had Digital Ocean’s LINUX training “LINUX 101” it’s non-paying training at the Hub, organised by Bauchi Digital Ocean organiser Abubakar Siddiq Ango.

So now the question is, do you belong to any tech/entrepreneurship community in your environment? If you don’t then try to join Uplift Slack Community it’s a platform that they make free in other to empower and solve people’s development problem, entrepreneurship advice, share ideas, and you can contribute to a project on the Slack channels. If you’re learning development and you want to learn or ask a question on entrepreneurship.
Uplift Nigeria has been adding to a lot of youths in the state, and I firmly believe the government of Bauchi state does not know anything about this non-profit organisation (Uplift Nigeria) or the Hub.

They spend time in organising training, seminars and events for tech inclined minds and supporting entrepreneurs through their two entities; Uplift Hub and Uplift Community. The Hub which is inside Federal Polytechnic Bauchi. Uplift Hub is looking forward to having another Hub in ATBU (Gubi Campus) to be able to reach out to more people, solve workspace problems and provide learning community facilities to those that are willing to learn.


Is to provide an affordable, conducive and available access to knowledge, mentorship, resources and access. Our main deliverable is to create founders who will create the startups, that will in turn to create jobs.


  • Students, Interns & NYSC Corps Members are now seeing the hub as a place of interest and a destination to acquire skills. We are welcoming them with open arms.
  • Other organizations within the community/state are starting to recognize the impact the hub is making and its potentials. We are now getting request for partnerships and collaborations on trainings and events.
  • Sponsorship of events by Google, Digital Ocean and other meetups provide some support.

Also, they have community advocates in different institutions, and looking forward to having more to be able to distribute and empower them with resources for learning in their institutions, and that will solve problems of downloading materials for development since we all have unreliable access to internet or expensive internet access in the country.
Now, I’ve you ever being in the situation of not knowing what to learn at the present stage of your life? I will recommend you to Uplift Hub as they have membership platform of different categories: Community, Junior, Resident, VIP and Startup. They will help you to create a path in career development to learn on if you don’t know what to start learning.