remote job

Things you need to know if you’re getting a remote job

Having a remote job allows you to work anywhere anytime and never get tired of work because you will be working in any place you feel like, even if being in a beach or club to work is what you want, it’s still achievable.

A non remote job ? sometimes, office workspace gets you distracted easily by other people who may not be severe enough with their work or probably having a tedious work to deliver, so they tend to use the remaining time to disrupt people with serious work in the office

Sure, you will get interaction mostly from text-based communication channels such as slack of the company you’re working with and probably video calls to resolve an issue for someone which makes you always online including your social media platforms, “the social media thing could be a distraction, but it all depends on you”. Your rate of productivity depends on what you use your time mostly on as a remote worker.


If you’re getting a remote job and you want to work outdoors, you need a few things that are essential to survive;

First of all is a backpack, a bright screen PC with strong battery life, MiFi and a noise cancellation wireless headset, power bank, notebook to track your work daily (it is more committed when you write it down).

You may need to tether your phone a lot, so battery life is essential, and it’s a scarce resource. Also, excellent and comfortable noise cancelling headphones are a lifesaver when working in a busy, noisy area or probably you don’t want to talk so that will distract anyone who may wish to speak to you unnecessarily.

remote job

Being a remote worker gives you access to attend a lot of meetups to meet people that are doing amazing things like you, and you have the freedom to travel anywhere in the in-world as much you will get the work done, that’s all that matter.

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Travelling to attend conferences opens up your mind, eyes and increases your intelligent as you will meet people ahead of you and people that will be looking up to you. Connecting with people and making new friends that are in your line will help you a lot.

“I can remember my boss bought a “Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphone 2” from Amazon and, shipped it to his friend in the US for quick delivery at a low cost of shipping. My boss in Nigeria as a remote worker at GitLab and he was going to attend the GitLab summit 2018 in South Africa. So his friend just came with it in less than 48 hours he ordered on Amazon” that would not happen if he didn’t have such friend in the US through his remote job.


“I expect my overall happiness to increase, especially since this new lifestyle allows me to combine work and leisure in a way I simply couldn’t before. Dreary meetings in a cramped office with bad ventilation is no more, now I can solve problems with my coworkers while sitting in Lisbon at a bench overlooking the city, from Tokyo at Antenna Wired Café, or just from the comfort of my local coffee shop.”