I’ve you ever wonder how you or your team can achieve a productive week without bordering about posting content on your social media accounts in every quarter of 24hours. It’s very impressive knowing how you can have fewer worries about that. So many people still doesn’t know how to plan and manage their social media without wasting time or swinging around different social media platforms.

Hootsuite and Buffer have become two majorly used tools for social media management in planning and scheduling a post for a week, month and even a year contents on social media.

These tools will automatically post your content according to the time and date you set it to publish on your social media accounts.

Planning your social media is very important to whatever you’re doing or selling to people online, as we all know sometimes we forget to post on our social media at a particular time we plan to do it or probably busy with other things. My team sometimes we plan our content every weekend so that we can bring up ideas, share thought that can help to achieve our goals in reaching out to people on social media. We can have those hours to do other things that can’t be schedule for a week. So you don’t need to worry about posting content every time on social media for one week including weekends sometimes.

Also, Hootsuite and Buffer can be used to share one content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other major social media you use if available on Hootsuite and Buffer. Those management tools can help you schedule and analyze your social media marketing campaigns without stress.


  • Write an enticing content that every reader will understand what you are talking about from the first paragraph.
  • Create a nice looking graphic that will expose your content and choose colors that will be good for the graphic or probably you two colors if you are not good with colors. Alternatively get a graphic designer that will understand your concept.
  • Scheduling contents both write-ups and at least one graphic for your posts
  • Running ads for your best and enticing content to reach out to many people.
  • Reply most of your serious fans that really understand your posts.
  • Get your fans email to send Special offers or News letters to them and let them know you’re aware of them on your platform.