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Oppo smartphones coming to Nigeria

Oppo smartphones have high specifications and not too expensive.

Oppo will have outlets in Nigeria like other brands we know of and has built its strength towards making high-quality camera for their devices, and continue to improve in the processor technology to deliver quality photos to users around the world. The Chinese company had a global market share of 8.6% in the second quarter of 2018 and currently have plans to increase the number by launching devices in new markets around the world.

Nigeria is a large smartphone market, and it is included in their new extension markets to launch coming devices. Following the success of Transsion Holdings which is the triangle owner of TECNO, itel and Infinix, we believe they are still enjoying the market in Nigeria as a whole.

The three companies under Transsion Holdings are the most used smartphone brands in Nigeria and has penetrated some African countries too.

Smartphone space in Nigeria maybe very wild, people explore other brands that are not common or not even available in Nigeria. Oppo is one of those devices that a lot of people are looking into as its quality may be different from other popular devices.

Looking into the exclusive brands like; Samsung, Motorola, and Huawei which are well known by those who have high tastes for smartphones and want to be unique. Those companies have their sales too in Nigeria, even though they tried to exit out of the market, and sales can’t still be compared to Transsion’s triangle devices because it is affordable.

Right now, we believe some factors will determine Oppo’s success in Nigeria, they could have a cut in the smartphone brands game if they understand the market like Triangle does.

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However, considering the quality of their devices, demand by few who know what it has and the fact of high-end specifications at a lower price; the company could survive the Nigeria market also.

Some of the smartphone models in their store include Oppo A series, F series, and R series.

A source confirmed there would be Oppo’s launch event sometime in January 2019 and Oppo A3s smartphone will be announced.