nHub appoints new CEO Mr. Theodore Longji

nHub new CEO Mr. Theodore Longji who was the former Head of Research and Development.

In December 2018, Mr. Daser David former nHub CEO was appointed as Director General of Plateau state Information Communication and Technology Development Agency (PICTDA). This made it a turn to focus on the agency and let nHub appoint a new CEO for the better of the organization.

Mr Theodore Longji has now been appointed as the new CEO of nHub Nigeria which occurred days ago. According to the Hub’s incubation manager; the change is quite crucial to ensure stability and the Hub needs to meet its target for 2019.

It is a great achievement to Mr. Longji and we believe it will bring more stability & leadership goals to the organization entirely, as the former CEO has been appointed to a position where resources would be used maximum to ensure technology development in Plateau state entirely.

nHub has always been there to show its support on ideas and innovations that will turn into creating jobs for the youths and it’s a basic goal of all Hubs to reduce unemployment in Nigeria and guide students to have at least a skill that can turn into a job for them tomorrow. nHub has held hackathons, incubation of startups from the region and free trainings to empower people.

Interestingly, nHub is one of the few Hubs selected across Nigeria for the Facebook Start Accelerator program.

What we think?
Yes, resources would be utilized and used perfectly as the Director General of PICTDA would ensure growth of technology in the state and, working with nHub which is one of the leading tech Hubs in Northern Nigeria. So, we expect incubation of new startups that will create more jobs and technologies that will solve global problems.

Mr. Theodore Longji who was the former Head of Research and Development at nHub took words to twitter:

” I am very pleased with the appointment and look forward to driving the development and execution of our corporate strategy going forward,” he said. “In addition to the hub’s core values, we intend to devote significant time and effort to creating opportunities, nurture talents and pursue opportunities in technologies which we believe offers tremendous opportunity for value and job creation.”