You may have been wondering how Netflix has its own movies that have nothing to-do with Hollywood and its fast rising have higher demand more than Hollywood on the internet. “Icarus” which is a documentary that took home first Academy Award for Netflix and it caused Netflix’s stock surged nearly 5% on Monday while 2% on Tuesday to an all-time high that get people “wow”.

­­Fox, Time Warner, Disney and Comcast’s Universal each took home multiple statues and they didn’t get the same Oscars bump. Their shares lagged the broader markets gained less than 1% on Monday while the Dow rose by nearly 1.5%

Netflix has been producing its own tons of hit TV shows you probably don’t know about and currently have more than 117.5 million streaming subscribers all around the world and can’t wait to binge watch.

Also, Netflix is worth $140 billion which is about same with Time Warner and FOX, combined only $16 billion less than Disney.

The company is spending billions of dollars to achieve its aim in launching new shows around the world and is having more hits than misses. Also, the subscriber growth is a big proof of that so the storm of the stock’s impressive run may not be over yet. Just keep anticipating for its biggest show of the year.

Mostly this days, people watch Series that are being produced by Netflix because it’s easily accessible through internet by streaming from anywhere at any time of it Show. It has made the entertainment world easy to watch series by not worrying you have to get home on time not wanting to miss the episode at its first release or downloading first before watching  episode of the series on Netflix.

With all that, Netflix changed the media world with its amazing collaboration with Google Home connected to your TV allows you to ask it to play any movie from Netflix.This feature is making life easy to watch series from anywhere around the world through internet.

We believe Hollywood has really enjoyed its stay for long and since January 2018, Netflix has kept on rising to an all-time high.