Microsoft Is Buying GitHub

Rumour was going round weeks ago that Microsoft is pushing to buy GitHub and its now for real that its happening one way or the other, the company which worth $2billion three years ago (2015) could worth $5billion today.

We believe Microsoft has seen the future of this developer’s tools company that has been helping regarding young developers including experts to save, share and even discuss code to build project with different people around the globe on the platform and make it accessible to other developers.

GitHub has contributed to building the developer’s community all around the world with their amazing tools that allow people to access projects that have been done by someone to speed up theirs. It encourages people to build projects and solve problems efficiently.

according to Business Insider report; few weeks ago, Microsoft held talks to acquire the software developer’s platform (GitHub)  .

Someone who is very close to the conversation between the two super companies told CNBC that they are considering a joint marketing partnership that valued around $35 million, we believe those discussions progressed to be a possible investment or maybe outright acquisition.

Microsoft has in the past flirted with the talk to buy GitHub n the past even in 2016, and the report states that GitHub denied those talks.

This talk is still not confident that talks were still underway, but the main obstacle to a deal appeared to be the price. Talks that GitHub was asking more than Microsoft wanted to pay according to CNBC.

It’s a big shot for Microsoft because they could use available data on GitHub to improve its Artificial Intelligence products and a partnership would give Microsoft another connection value to get the developers it needs to build applications on their various platforms include its Azure Cloud platform.

we are looking forward to hearing more of this the deal if its going to happen or not by Monday.