How To Enjoy Your Next Trip To Lagos

A trip to Lagos is something you need to do every once in a while because sometimes you need to go away from your environment and experience something different from what you’ve seen for long.

Many people always have a fear of the stress in Lagos, and they complain a lot about it. I once went to Lagos and I almost said never will I ever go there again due to the hell I saw in Lagos from running to catch up with “molwe” to sleeping inside the molwe because of the traffic in Lagos, also got dropped in place I don’t know because I didn’t really know where I was going.

Lagos has changed a lot over two years ago I guess from automated calling taxi to sleeping in someone’s house that’s not Hotel.
Now, let’s plan your next trip to Lagos without stress and fear.
First of all, you need to download the following apps I’ll list below to your devices; (Smart Phones, Tablet or PC)

After downloading those apps on your devices, then you are okay. The GIGM app is a transport company that you can buy your ticket for transporting to Lagos by road without even going to register at the park before your journey. So download, book and get your ticket and then go to the park when you’re ready.

Airbnb app is a company that will help you get where to stay in Lagos without lodging in any hotel and its secure enough to even choose where you want to stay in Lagos. When you download the app, they need your identity card to keep everyone safe on this platform. So download the app and find your apartment to stay in Lagos, I recommend this to you because it’s cheaper than Hotel.
At this point, you are ready for your trip to Lagos.
On getting to Lagos, I expect you to have already downloaded and installed your Taxify app or UBER app on your devices. Now, after getting to Lagos, all you need is to arrive at your destination, and you need to cut out the stress of ‘hold up’ and other related ‘wahala’ (stress) in Lagos.
Use your Taxify or UBER to call for a vehicle of any of those registered companies to pick you up from the spot you’re standing to your destination in Lagos. No worries about you don’t have cash because you can pay with your ATM card unless maybe network is terrible which you may need to pay with cash.
Now, you may need an office space to work in Lagos since you’re on a trip and you probably need to get something done with power and internet. I will recommend you to a place called ‘THE VILLAGE’ and believe me; there are a lot of other beautiful places too in Lagos to use as office space for a day or more.