The Brief Inspired 25 Female Entrepreneurs In Bauchi

She came all the way from Abuja to listen, observe, learn, and share inspirational ideas and business rules with the 25 female entrepreneurs that registered to be part of “THE BRIEF” in Bauchi at Uplift Nigeria’s Hub.

The Brief understands that a lot of women are into business in Northern Nigeria but don’t know how it works to make the profit, enjoy the business relationship, stay consistent and grow to the next level of the business.

Farida is the Co-founder and project coordinator for Ja muje, CEO and editor-in-chief at northernlife.ng, which is a media platform designed to show the true diversity of Northern Nigeria people through multimedia channels, creative writing and citizen report.

Also exploring the rich cultural history of the people, engaging the citizen on a collective responsibility to solve the region’s challenge and changing the narrative of the region as one of the under-achievers.

She was selected in 2015 as one of the ten youth leaders to meet Ban Ki-moon (UN Secretary-General) to discuss nearest future development, climate change, the role of youth in promoting sustainable development goals and also, increasing momentum and ownership in Nigeria. Farida is a member of the technical working groups of SDGs Nigeria, which is a group of young leaders that are being selected by the UNDP to inspire the next generation of leaders on their roles in promoting sustainable development and localisation of the SDGs.

Putting all her ideas together, she was reached out to by Mustapha Ango (Director of Entrepreneurship, Uplift Nigeria) to come and inspire women in business and also motivate the young entrepreneurs that will turn to large business owners in Bauchi.

Farida shared all her experience as a successful CEO of three businesses in Arewa (Northern Nigeria) during Breakfast with the whole Uplift Nigeria team, from the Executive Director to the lowest ranked person in the organisation. As a female business owner, she drew from her experience to encourage the 24 tech entrepreneurs of Uplift Nigeria, especially the 3 ladies present.