GCDC Bauchi finally begins Study Jam ’19 two days ago

Google Cloud Developer Community Bauchi (GCDC) begins cloud Study Jam ’19 which is created with a vision to nurture future developers, facilitate collaboration and increase knowledge sharing within the tech communities to help enterprises globally.

Google Cloud Developer Community Bauchi hosted Cloud Study Jam ‘19 at UpliftHub Bauchi. The event brought together people of varying interests — data scientists, engineers, designers, and mobile & web developers to connect, learn and collaborate.

The study jam started with a vibrant and motivating opening speech by Yemi Olaniran (Co-lead WTM Bauchi) after which Abubakar Siddiq Ango (Lead GDG Bauchi) dived straight into the hands-on session (Google Cloud Speech API). All GDG Bauchi leads and WTM Bauchi meetup organisers were present at the Study Jam meetup on Friday, 22nd 2019.

After the meetup, attendees were able to learn more about available tools on GCP (Google Cloud Platform) and a new program was launched called “DevOps using GCP”, the aim of this program is to encourage community members to continue learning even after the Cloud Study Jam.

It will also make community members learn DevOps and GCP, foster continues collaboration and to ask relevant questions concerning GCP and other Google products which will, in turn, help them grow.

Lastly, it will accelerate learning for all community members as no one will be left behind during the course of learning. Also, feedbacks and progress can be measured in the community.

Google Cloud Developer Community Bauchi is where you can learn more of the Google cloud storage, you can also join the community here, so when next there’s a meetup you’ll get a notification and add the date to your calendar.