Google assistant music-recognition feature

The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL launched with one of the best offline music recognition feature I have seen so far, with Google noting at the October 4th event that general recognition features would be coming soon to Assistant on other devices. Today, that feature is beginning to roll out.If Google Assistant has voice set as the “Prefered input” method and you’re in a loud environment, you will see a new “What’s this song?” chip as the first suggestion in the carousel. Notably, I’ve found that the chip does not appear until some sort of loud audio is playing in the background.

Meanwhile, users can also ask “What song is this?” and other similar commands to have Assistant start listening for a song. There is a cool waveform pattern, with a song card showing up after the tune is recognized. Here users have option to find the song on YouTube, Play Music, or perform a search.