Google Assistant Can Now Control Chromecast Dongles, Speakers From Your Phone

Google Assistant, which lets users control Chromecast dongles and speakers from its Google Home smart speakers, is now getting expanded features on Android handsets. The Google Assistant app on Android can now control a cast session through voice and the user can even specify which Chromecast in the house is the target, as per a media report.

The user needs to start Assistant on the device and give a command such as “Play Spotify on Chromecast” and it will perform the desired action, Android Police reported late on Friday.

Along with the ability to start or stop media, the user can also control volume, pause, and do everything else that is possible with Google Home. The new feature is compatible with traditional Chromecasts, Chromecast Audios and devices that have Chromecast built-in.

To recall, the Google Assistant app for Android only recently appeared on Google Play. Till date, the app was bundled within Google Search for Android. Notably, the Google Assistant app for Android still requires Google Search and the requisite Google Play Services framework. The app only acts like a shortcut to bring up the Google Assistant interface.

Earlier this month, Google announced new features coming to Google Assistant. Developers can now submit Assistant apps, aka Google Assistant Actions, which perform payment transactions. Transactions on Assistant include the ability to add items to cart as well.

Google is also introducing Assistant Apps for Families that that comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act in the US – as one would expect, these apps are currently limited to the United States. Also new, is Templates, which lets users create Assistant games (such as Trivia, Flash Cards, and Personality Quizzes) without needing to have any scripting knowledge.

Written with inputs from IANS