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Cowrywise savings help you keep and invest your money

Cowrywise savings platform got us at to prepare 5 questions for you on why it’s not easy to save money base on plans and how Cowrywise is here to save you.

Cowrywise savings is the solution to those problems. I have problem-saving money for something or probably plan to get a gift for myself. This platform has changed how money flashes my colleague’s account at month end and disappear before a new month.

  1. If saving money is not part of your resolution for the year, then why are you saying new year new you?
  2. Are you the type that it’s not easy for you to save your money at every month end?
  3. Are you the type that plans don’t always work out the way you want?
  4. Are you that person has dreams to own a house, car or get married in a few years?
  5. Are you paying for your school fees or paying for your spouse but other things pop up to take away your money?

Cowrywise savings is a platform where you can save and invest your money for the period you’ll need it back for the primary purpose.

It’s like a must for you to save it because it will be deducted from your account once it’s time to keep. It reduces how you spend without plans and reduces the chance of attending to unplanned expenses. You can pretend you don’t have money to take care of those expenses that are not allowing you to save for better things for your future, but it’s not easy for you to go blind on those expenses.

Imagine you tell yourself you have a savings account with banks to save money for something, but you don’t always fulfil your promise to reach the goal, you don’t earn interest for saving, you withdraw it anytime you want.

According to Cowrywise savings; “Traditional financial institutions have made saving money and growing wealth costly and unattractive to individuals who are outside their high net worth bracket. We want to make saving worthwhile again for everyone by making it simple to do and highly rewarding.”

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A lot of people lack financial discipline, and it’s a significant problem unless you don’t have dreams to chase or goals to achieve. With cowrywise savings you can make your goals through discipline and consistency of following your plans.

Signup with cowrywise to set you up on financial discipline that will help you plan your future financially.

We at will share more knowledge about cowrywise and how you can achieve more with cowrywise savings for your organisation.

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