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Apple iPhone with triple rear camera coming later this year

Apple iPhone is consistently dropping devices that are catching up with other smartphones features, expect more than iPhone with triple rear camera.

Apple is planning to release three new iPhones later this year according to the report by Wall Street Journal; it will introduce a successor to the iPhone XR with an LCD display, alongside with two other phones rumored that it includes a triple rear camera to the upcoming device.

Very obvious and clear that it’s an effort to compete with some Android smartphones that have up to three cameras at the rear.

Renders of the triple camera iPhone were sometimes leaked last week, with OnLeaks claiming Apple will introduce such a system later this year. Not clear yet on what the additional two cameras will enable, but words around have emerged after a report that Sony is boosting its 3D camera output for chips that will power rear- facing 3D cameras on smartphones.

Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone triple camera leak photo

Yes, Apple is also considering going OLED in 2020, but we are not sure if it’s all devices or just iPhone according to the WSJ. “Hmmmm” such move would likely raise overall selling prices of the Apple iPhones from next year, amid concerns over iPhone sales in China and other developing markets around the world. A source confirmed Apple was recently warned it could miss $9billion in iPhone sales in the recent quarter due to low demand of iPhone in the market.

We don’t know yet what Apple has in plan for this year, but we definitely know something good will still come out of all the words going round by September 2019. Expect the shock of the rumor from Apple and be prepared for OLED screens on iPhone or maybe all it devices by 2020.

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