AndroidOne On new Infinix Note 5 Smartphone

The new Infinix Note5 is a breakthrough for the fact it has numerous benefits to the brand for partnering with AndroidOne that makes it all in one. Note5 was launched in Dubai 2days ago as a success of the Note series like the previous Infinix Note 4.
Note series is perfect smartphone for individuals that are looking forward to staying productive and like to keep organised with the profession; you’re looking for productivity? Get Infinix Note 5 to stay productive. Note: The retail price for the Infinix Note 5 is around N65,000
There are other two devices been released this year by Infinix (4 smartphones) which are Infinix S3 / S3 Pro and Hot 6 and Hot 6 Pro all these smartphones comes with Snapdragon processors and full display, while the Infinix Note5 comes with Media Tek processor.

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Infinix partnership with Google’s Android One will definitely improve their product quality because this is a new dynamic in smartphone experience. The Note 5 introduces a new feel through Android One’s hardware integration with the core Google services resulting in seamless operations.


BATTERY LIFE 4500mAh can last three (3)days on full charge with a brilliant process manager that learns the device a usage habits, deactivates all background process for less consumption of power used by apps. also has a wakeup control with asynchronous heartbeat enabling up to four times power save on dark screen mode.

No Hidden Object on the 6.0inch display screen, it has a new visual experience that is empowered by MiraViston to bring extreme lighting conditions while saving the battery power consumption by 50%.

Infinix Note 5 partnership with Google’s AndroidOne introduces a seamless operations with its pure form of Android One hardware integration with core Google services.

The Google search can also be used to find interesting information such as shopping malls, restaurants and game schedules like football matches with quick and perfect answers. Also search for latest news and information about ones favorite entertainment services like movie, music, and game.

A smart, AI selfie low light camera that has the ability to learn and improve on its own with each taken selfie and, has optimised software functions with facial image database that will match with best quality selfie specifications.

“Enjoy the real experience of the new Infinix Note 5 by getting at any Infinix outlet.  feel the experience!”