6 Ways To Plan and Ensure A great Day

Productivity experts believe that the emotional state with which you wake up and determine to a large extent how your day goes.
What does this really mean?
It means simply that waking up with a bad emotional state equals a bad day. And waking up with a great emotional state equals a great day.
But can’t I end up having an awesome day even though I woke up on the wrong side of the bed?
Oh…well you can!
But it would mean you would have to get to a better emotional state first.
However, getting from a bad emotional state to a better one would require all of your energies experts say.
This would, in turn, leave your body with little or no energy which could also imply an unproductive day.
Therefore the need to begin your day with a great emotional state cannot be overemphasizes
So, here are 6 very important things to do that will ensure your day turns out as wonderful as possible:

1. Plan For Tomorrow, Tonight.

Do you know today started yesterday? Or maybe last night? (To be precise)
You can have an amazing day tomorrow by making plans tonight.
Although this doesn’t mean minute-by-minute plan for all tomorrow activities, it means making sure the major things you need to kick-start a great day are in place. For instance, you can lay out the clothes you intend to wear tomorrow and even make sure the ingredients for an awesome breakfast are ready before you go to bed.

2. Do Not Hit The Snooze Button

So, we all hear that tiny little voice in our head that tells us to add a little extra time to our sleep right after we hear the wake-up alarm. Well, while this would seem like a great idea, it probably does us more harm than good when we take this few minutes to sleep. This is because we are usually unable to complete a sleep cycle which is about 90 minutes. This ends up leaving our brains even more tired.

3. Read Inspirational articles.

its a new day and you need to start the day with inspirational articles even before you get off your bed in the morning, why do you need to do that? how your day will be may start from what inspires and motivate you to go out to your workplace.
So, read articles related to your work on medium for inspiration and motivation.

4. Do Workout

Now, I know sometimes, sweating in the morning can seem scary, very scary. But I assure you there’s gain even in the tiniest morning exercise.
And the best gain being that endorphins get released into your system. These chemicals confer so many benefits on your health
From increasing your general well-being to reducing your pain and discomfort.

5. Drink Plenty Of Water

The benefits of water in your body are numerous and mentioning them here one by one would be such a great idea.
But let us just say you might want to keep your brain well hydrated after a night sleep and what better way of doing it than drinking plenty of water.

6. Practice Meditation

For a few minutes, just shut out all the noise from within and from without.
Learn to even pause your brain’s activities including thinking for a few minutes.
The benefits? You become more creative, more contemplative and more in touch with yourself after a good meditation.

Now you are ready to conquer the world with your strength, focus and confidence to prosper and don’t forget to embrace the sunlight and enjoy your day with a cup of coffee.