smart lock

Smart lock that has five ways to unlock

Lockly’s smart lock has random numbers generator, app control and voice command using Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

A company has successfully made a smart lock that has five different ways to unlock it. The new secure smart lock is now available for pre-order today for $299.99 and it will begin shipping in the next two months.

Smart lock has a keypad hat generates numbers in random order every time you need to input your pass-code to unlock. Each input on the keypad is three numbers, so it will be so difficult for those that can spy from a long distance to see what numbers you’re inputting to unlock.

Besides the keypad, there’s a fingerprint scanner that is also an option to unlock through either Lockly’s mobile app or through the voice assistant command. If all those options fails you, there’s also a physical lock you can open with a regular key.

Smart lock
Lockly’s smart lock

Now, if you have guests you want to invite to your home, access codes can be generated for them by the Lockly’s app. The company claims are “offline” and safer from potential hacking.

These lock is so much smart that it can be accessed using Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa voice command, those are the two voice command integration it’s currently compatible with for now.

The company says it will integrate Apple’s HomeKit platform later this year. Smart lock doesn’t have a voice assistant built in, but those two are ready now and will later add the third one before end of the year which means it will basically work with most smart phones.

Source: The verge says; “Five ways to unlock a smart lock is arguably five ways to get your lock picked and your home burglarized, but Lockly says its methods are the most secure available. If anything, it should keep any would-be burglars stumped for a few minutes, at least.”

We are looking forward to see more companies build a secure lock for the universe.